Dirty Deeds by Ren Jorden

Man is to err, and err is to sin. Follow Ren Jorden’s books and catch all the characters in her books in their sexcapades as they go through heartbreaks, breakups, and, well, people. This is not just an ordinary series; it will keep you at the edge of your seat page after page. The trilogy is bound to take you on a rollercoaster of emotion as you read. Sounds like an adventure, doesn’t it?


About the Author

Ren Jorden is a new author, releasing her very first book series, Dirty Deeds, her non fiction work based on her own life experiences in the sex industry. She hasn’t won any awards or been on any best selling lists, yet, but she’s sure lived a full and exciting life so far. Being a professional girlfriend for ten years has given her countless fun, funny, scary, and entertaining experiences that compelled her to start writing. 
Ren moved from a small town in the Midwest to a big southern city growing at a rapid rate and found herself in the very underground world of personal companionship rather quickly. At first what was a “means to an end” turned into a full blown profession, pun intended if you like it that way. 
All she wants is to bring a smile to people’s faces and shed a positive light on the industry and the people involved in it. 

Ren Jorden is an American fiction author with great expertise in thriller and romance. The author is equipped with great mastery over showing passion and beautifully integrating it into a story making the reader yearn for more. The books Ren has thus far written are certified good reads that would keep the reader engaged and captivating. Ren’s collection is a class act, and hence, we are more than proud to be bringing it to you.

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Dirty Deeds

Chapter 01

Audrey hadn’t slept much—not that she ever did, at night—but somewhere, in the early morning, she’d dozed off, and now, when she sat up and looked around the sparse bedroom, she found herself alone. Sighing, she pulled herself out of bed, wrapping the sheet around her petite, toned body. Thanks for the good morning kiss, Asshole. Not that he ever gave her one of those. After three years together, she should’ve known that by now. He stole in and out of her life like a thief, sometimes.

Chapter 02

In a small, dark, second-story apartment, Mac lay on his back in ratty boxers, his thick belly uncovered by a too-tight, fast-food-stained t-shirt, his legs tangled in a single sheet. His phone vibrated on the cheap plastic office organizer-on-wheels next to the bed. Then, it vibrated again. He snatched his phone off the drawers and glared at it. Rose. Good. She’d gotten back to him. Rose Lauren: Confirmed. I’ll text you when I’m ready.

Chapter 03

Audrey was running around, picking up the last of a few articles of clothing, miscellaneous candy wrappers, towels, and makeup products around her apartment, before she heard her phone ping. Derek: I’m here Audrey texted back, letting him know where in the apartment complex her place was. Then she grabbed her lighter and set the mood with a few candles. She didn’t know if he was the romantic type, but men always seemed to appreciate the extra effort. A loud knock at the door, and Audrey rushed to open it.

Chapter 04

In downtown Dallas, on the tenth floor of an office building, Slone casually pivoted back and forth in his task chair. He had just dialed his fifteenth call of the day and was listening to the ring, waiting for the other end to pick up while checking his social media. His latest post was a photograph of him, fresh from the gym, flashing his carved six-pack, with just a hint of his charming smile. A flat-brimmed truckers cap was covering the dark natural curls on his head and casting a shadow over his eyes, but not his perfectly trimmed beard accentuating his jawline. He was up to triple-digit likes now and comments from some girl named Lisa. Ooh, a hot Lisa? I’ve never met one of those.

Chapter 05

Just on the outskirts of downtown, in her bathroom, Amy squeezed her eyes closed and vised her head in her hands to deal with her raging hangover. Get it together, Amy. Celeste. Whatever the fuck you call yourself. You can do this. What day was today? She couldn’t remember. She used to at least be able to tell the weekdays apart from the weekends, but now, they all bled together into a haze of dreamlike instances that might or might not have been real.

Chapter 06

Sometimes, when Audrey was with a client, she thought of Slone. He was tall, dark, and handsome, just the type of man she had always envisioned herself with when she was young and just beginning to find the opposite sex attractive. But he was the upgraded version of tall, dark and handsome. He was tatted, fit, and had a smile that could melt your heart or wet your panties . . . or both. And the sex with him was always good. Or, the fucking. He wasn’t the cuddly love-making type, but Audrey had had enough of that with the other plain, boring, safe guys she dated. And she’d also had enough of the cheating. Every single one cheated on her. After years of being played by men, it was time for her to do the playing. What was the ultimate revenge? Fucking men and taking their money.


The Dirty Directory



The first time he’d seen her, he thought he had her pegged. He tried not to stare at her tight pants and that tiny, spaghetti-strap tank top. No bra. It was probably the most action he’d gotten in five years. He moved faster than anyone would expect from a fat-ass like him, and threw himself. He was just standing there, feeding himself French-fries from the bag, his mind conjuring all kinds of dirty images of his neighbor,

My Baby's Got a Gun

She’d curled her long blonde hair so it wouldn’t look as stringy as usual, but though it had had volume when she left the house, it was quickly fading under the weight of the humidity. She wiped some stray red lipstick from the corner of her mouth, checked her eyeliner, making sure that her lashes were in place, and looked down at her red halter top and jean shorts. She fixed her boobs, making her cleavage pop…


Born Sinner

Sighing, she pulled herself out of bed, wrapping the sheet around her petite, toned body. Thanks for the good morning kiss. He stole in and out of her life like a thief. She quickly made the bed, then grabbed her phone off the dresser and downloaded the app that she always deleted from her phone when she wasn’t working.

Leave a Five Star Review

Mac finds out crucial information about the new girl, Addison, and her sister, Terry, whom he was working on setting up on the sites. His goal of having more than three girls pulling in cash for him is ruined. Although he is no longer managing her schedule, she’s not having much better experiences than Rose. They both deal with difficult clients, getting a taste of the review culture in the worst way.


Blood in the Cut

The review culture is doing a number on both Rose’s and Celeste’s businesses. Mac is doing damage control for Rose while Celeste is finding out why Mac’s investigations before booking are crucial. This leads to both women having more time on their hands as well as feeling a sort of desperation set in. Both things they do not enjoy.

Cold Dirty Game

Slone has to do some major damage control after his wild night out that leaves both Becca and Audrey mad at him. A task he almost encourages as a fun challenge of his natural charm. Becca leaves town for the weekend and ends up having to be around Izzy for the first time since Izzy got sloppy drunk and told Slone Becca’s biggest secret.